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Perfectly Balanced Ad Campaigns

Creative that hits the mark is a game changer for a successful advertising campaign.

  • Educate – Let your customers know about the valuable products and services you offer.
  • Entertain – Design entertaining content for your target customer demographic.
  • Encourage – Prompt customers to share their experience on social media or complete a call to action to receive an incentive.
  • Emotion – Share your values, community involvement, and charitable contributions.

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Keep Design Simple With These Tips

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    This is the structure or layout of your ad. Make a clear distinction between your primary and secondary messages. Avoid trying to put too much information on your ad.

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    Build your message on the 3-second rule. Try to keep copy to no more than 7 words.

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    Readability is critical to the success of your ad. Keep your font choices clean and simple and avoid anything too complex or ornate. Use a maximum of two different fonts.

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    Contrast is key. Avoid white backgrounds and use dark text on lightbackgrounds and light text ondark backgrounds.